I didn’t really like this one at first, but then it grew on me.

Likes: The sequence of events How the first tree is perfect and in tact, and you can see everything clearly and then after that it just fades in like everything else.

-The connotations I get from this

-The colors

-The blurring, especially in the second and third tree back


25.hoek, bokeh

Ah so I’m really excited for my camera to come. Please note my excitement : (!!!!!!)

So I woke up fairly early this morning, I’ll say. I should probably go out for a walk here in a bit or something but I’ve been researching photography, of course. I remember that for as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted a video camera or a camera, I wanted to go out and take pictures and shoot at different angles and I thought this was photography. Which by all means, it is but there is so much to it! I was just point and shooting but there is really an art to all this. So I’ve got a pretty good grip on ISO’s, AV’s (aperture), shutter speed and focus but I won’t really know till my camera gets here.

Instead of taking a class I have decided to teach myself, just like how I taught myself guitar. Okay okay, yes I did take a class last semester but it taught me absolutely nothing that I didn’t already know it was just an easy credit. But I’ve been on this website, that I can’t remember the name of and it’s teaching me everything about DSLR. SO EXCITED. It said a good excersie would to be choose a photography type that we like and go to flickr and pick out 5 that we really like and tell what we like about that photo. So I’ll do.

The style I picked today is: bokeh. I love bokeh, it is beautiful. I’m really interesting in the focusing and ah, now I finally understand how hard it is to even capture an image. So yeah, stay tuned I’ll post soon.



Oh look what I ordered (I mean Santa got me) this year.

Canon Rebel T1i 18-55mm (kit lens)
.20x Opteka fisheye

It takes pictures like these:

A camera bag, and a tripod and of a course a 8GB SB

Ahh, I cannot wait until Tuesday for my T1i. Yeah that’s right, I did next day shipping. I do have to wait later for the rest of my stuff to come in though. I think the total amount was a little under $1,010. Expensive hobby.

Can’t wait to go to Sandhills and test this baby out though. Ohhhhh



and you look like hell in the winter…

You, haven’t ruined anything. It’s just one of those nights where I kind of miss you but then I remembered how gross and ugly and nasty and mean you were. Biggest international twat I’ve ever met in my life. You suck at graphic designing, too.

Krish needs to stop eating so much dang jerk chicken. Jai ho. Awww, Angelo ❤ is looking gorgeous as always. I love you, bambino. This joker on the right doesn’t love NY. We hate him. We hate the UK and all of it’s shitty bumboclaats.

G’day sir.

21. Right, Write

Written: Dec 25

I love how everyone gains 50 lbs solely on Christmas..not.

So after I got home from Sherlock I came home and I got on YouTube. First I looked up Irish accents then I looked up Scottish accents. I remember when I used to think that Gerard Butler was Irish but some faggot from England would always tell me “he’s Scottish”. To be honest I thought Scotland was like it’s own country somewhere near like Greenland or someplace but it’s actually in the UK rendering the Scottish accent a million more times brilliant than the Irish one, but I like them both of them more than the god-awful Brazilian accent, Asian-trying-to-speak-English accent and Frenchmen-trying-to-speak-English accent; those of which I also YouTubed. Then I wanted to YouTube Thomas Hedlund’s Swedish accent so I looked up videos of The Perishers interviews and I couldn’t find them but when I looked up interviews one popped up in my Related Videos box on the side of the screen and it was an interview with Robert Pattinson, and I sadly watched.

Unfortunately I’m not your average 13-year-old girl who is obsessed with Twilight. I’m not even 13…I’m 12….I hated Robert Pattinson at first sight, I was like ew-he-is-so-gross-he-looks-like-he-has-downs-syndrome. I didn’t understand why everyone was going on about Twilight. I got the books, read all but the long and boring last one. I saw Twilight and New Moon, both of which sucked. Still did not fall in love with the guy. But I see in interviews how he is always like pretty much saying “I never wanted to be famous and this is so surreal to me” and I can kind of totally understand him. The guy just wanted to act, not be looked at as a sex symbols for teenage girls (and most homosexual guys) from ages 12-30. I read in a magazine once that if the acting didn’t work out Rob would have been a musician. His music is amazing, his voice is soothing, it’s classy and folky and I throughly enjoy. I wish that was the Rob that the world knew, or didn’t know. The one that only a select few knew.

I had a dream the other night that I was a filmmaker and I was at the Sundance Film Festival (mind you-I have never been to the festival). But it was kind of like a lot of mini movie theaters and of course my movie was in one of them but I didn’t wanna go see it so I skipped out on the showing and went to go watch Paper Heart instead (Charlyne Yi opposite Michael Cera, cute little film) but anyways I walked in all by my onesy and I see like around 30 people filling up the 2 front row seats and there were like 5 people maybe sporatically scattered in the back but there was this one guy who sat like 4 rows from the back door and he sat like two or three seats from the front of his row and I went up to him (he was wearing a hat-beanie, I believe and maybe shades?) and I asked him “Hey can I sit next to you”. It was like a movie cause after I asked him we both looked around at all the empty seats and he gave me this look that said why-do-you-want-to-sit-next-to-me-out-all-of-1000000-available-seats, he looked familiar too but he agreed and I sat right next to him and I began to tell him how I always hate sitting next to a lot of people but I hate sitting by myself. We had a casual little conversation and thats when I noticed that he was actually British, and very very familiar. It was Robert Pattinson. I know, I know shoot me now. We talked about so much during the previews before Paper Heart started. He talked about how he hated being famous and how the media gets him so wrong and how he just wish he’d done music instead. How he wants to settle down and live a low-key live. Yeah we talked about everything, just giggling in the back of the theatre. Then afterwards I had to go because they were announcing the winner of Sundance (I didn’t let Rob know I was a director or that I even made a movie there) but turns out, I won Sundance! My movie was about interracial relationships or something so I go up on stage accept my award and while I’m giving my speech I see him in the crowd looking at me and smiling. One of his cute smiles, where his eyes look chinky. Yeah, I enjoy. And that was the Robert I wanted. That’s the (insert_boy_name_here) I wanted. He was very impressed, obviously and we started dating after that. I was all in the tabloids and stuff as Robert’s Unfamous, Weird, Normal? Girlfriend. Like there wasn’t anything special about me. It would bother me but he rather enjoyed it. Then I woke up.

I said all this to say, I want that. I guess. I want to write and create something. I want to take my dreams and make them reality. I want to act. I want to be in a chair and get interviewed. I want someone to ask me what it’s like being a sex symbol or what I like to eat for breakfast and be generally interested. That’d be a good life huh? I guess. Gonna go dream now, cause I’m a dreamer.

Oh and I’m starting a new story. Cross your fingers and hope I stick to it. Damian helped me write the first two lines haha. So I think it just might be a keeper, or I’ll just pretend it is for sentimental value.

20. Ode to Thomas

Written: Dec 24

I watched a video last night of “1901” live in concert and I was once again blown away by Thomas. He is amazing. I took screenshots of the video, as seen up above.

The other night I had a dream that Thomas was apart of the band The Format and they were at the house next door to me. It was a graduation party for the class of ’09 and they were the band that would be performing. My job was (since they were staying right next to me) I was supposed to show them around and take them out to get something to eat. So me and my friend Chantal are like on the deck of my porch and the guys come up and theres like these cute guys and one was flirting with me and then I saw Thomas…and he was talking to Chantal! I was pretty pissed off. I didn’t show it though. And they went out in their cars to go to Which Wich but before they left one guy in the band gave me his number and I think I heard Chantal beg Thomas for his and he gave it to her. But when they came back from Which Wich Thomas was asking where I was and everything because he wanted to talk to me and when I came back he gave me his number. I remember it had a 4 in it, it was literally amazing 🙂 I love him so much. It was weird that he was in The Format and not with Phoenix or anyone but then again he does drum for a lot of bands because he’s so amazing. He didn’t even have a weird Swedish accent in the dream, I could fully understand him and he was so cute in his little black leather jacket and white V-neck and his beautiful Sri-Lankan skin.

I also watched these videos with Phoenix playing around Paris. Like with just guitars and a carry around keyboard. It was the cutest thing that I ever saw.

I thought this was the cutest thing. They were playing “1901” on the street and they I believe a couple had just had their wedding and they were taking pictures in the street near the Effiel Tower or something. And I thought it was so beautiful because they are obviously a black couple and the street was full with white, black, asian people and no one seemed to care. I really like the filmography in these videos they captured the mood very well. I really like the last picture because it’s just so beautiful to me, it’s like showing how people can be happy together. Learn to live together as brother or perish together as fools.