Inspired by this posting about Jesus.

Personally, I believe saying that Jesus didn’t exist is pure ignorance. It’s like saying GEORGE WASHINGTON DIDNT EXIST! I’d hate to go to hell for blatant stupidity.


31.in sipration

At the moment, I am most inspired by these four photographers.

1. Rosie Hardy

2. Aaron Nace

3. futureancient

4. elusive


This was also taken by futureancient and I am completely blown away. I love this picture. I would love to hang it up in my bathroom or living room or somewhere clam and serene.

Likes: I love the little green lighting next to the focal leaves.

-I love the water and how the light runs through it. It’s seamless.

-I really enjoy the building in the far background and how everything balances off each other and nothing seems out of place.


I was looking around the Bokeh photostream on Flickr and this guy: futureancient, kept showing up. And to be honest, I really enjoy his work. I know this picture turned out small and I forgot to get the urls to all of these but if you could pull this up then you’d notice the detail. It’s amazing I’d look at these photos and I’d be like oh look at the model, but in truth no one stands in the middle of a busy street and poses like this. It’s all about timing and camera settings and focusing and the fact that the artist even captured this moment is amazing. I like this guy.

Likes: I really loved her eyes and how they were brought out

-The accent on her hair, the lighting is amazing

-The bokeh in the background, very nice focusing.


I am so dying to do an aerial shoot but I honestly can’t see how I’ll be able to do one when I’m scared to death of flying or planes or anything.

Likes: The focus on the center, the lighting

Dislike: The blurring, it’s a little too much. I would have loved to have seen the focal on that really tall building in the back instead of the middle.


This was the first one I liked. I usually don’t like pictures with writing or words on them but I couldn’t resist.

Likes: If I had this full screen or bigger on black you could see the detail in the head of the guitar. Theres lighting on the bolts, and it’s beautiful.

-The concept! Guy just trying to make it. Crowded mind, empty street.

-The bokeh in the background

-The sharpness of him and the street underneath him

-The shadows and the lighting on the suitcase that money was supposed to be put into, it’s like saying theres hope and opportunity here.


Likes: the concept!

-the colors are obviously amazing

-the focusing on the shavings and the blue pencil its amazing